Qualified master electricians

From outdoor lighting around the deck and pool to recessed fixtures under your kitchen cabinets, we can provide lighting solutions that will not only illuminate, but accentuate. We can complete lighting upgrades to provide energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures and LED lighting systems.

We have the experience and skill to install and upgrade your business or home's existing wiring to safely expand your power capabilities. We can install new indoor and outdoor wiring and outlets to accommodate additional fixtures.

Outdoor lighting specialists

Give your home an elegant and sophisticated look with outdoor landscape lighting. Accent lighting in your garden can create many effects by dramatically highlighting your home and foliage.


The use of hidden spotlights, LED fixtures and indirect lighting allow for a vast number of possibilities for any need or desired appearance.

Unique indoor lighting

The lighting in your home can contribute to its appeal just as much as its design and decoration. The strategic use of recessed and track lighting can create bold and subtle effects simultaneously.


Our lighting design professionals will be happy to show you many options. We can customize a solution that is within

your budget.

Indoor and outdoor lighting specialists

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